Steno RIB 620 AL

The new excellent: Steno RIB 620 AL

The inflatable PVC balloon that is installed along the perimeter of the fiberglass hull is the main constructive feature of this boat. This construction provides a high stability and safety for the boat during all time of navigation. Due to its hydrodynamic lines and redans, the fiberglass hull of the boat provides the boat with excellent characteristics of movement even when navigating in the offing.

The high stability of the boat is additionally provided by the relatively low position of the centre of gravity and the increased area of waterline (the inflatable balloons rest on the water during the mode of standing or slow navigation).

During the mode of aqua gliding (ranging from 25km/h), the inflatable balloons do not touch the surface of water that decreases the water resistance of the boat significantly. The not so high side of the boat facilitates to disembark and let in the scuba divers and various items in the mode of standstill. The duplex molding made of rubber that is fitted along the perimeter of the boat provides excellent protection for passengers from water splashes under all speed rates.

The bottom of the boat is made from sea series aluminium.

The deck of the boat is completely self-draining.

Length: 6.20 m
Width: 2.30 m
Weight: 520 kg
Tube diameter: 0.5 m
Chamber quantity (pcs): 5
Loading capacity: 986 kg
Recommended power: 115 - 200 HP
Maximum Engine Power: 200 HP
Number of Seats: 10
Engine shaft length: Extra long (XL)
Design category: C
Standard features:
Steering console
Steering system (hydraulic)
Steering wheel
Navi lights (LED)
Front soft cushion
Back seat with luggage box
Switch Panel
Fuse box with LED indicator
Built-in fuel tank: ~220 l
Fuel gauge